The ULTIMATE breakups and how to cope up with them.Β 

Okay so, you would be lying if you said that you haven’t had that one particular guy/girl in your life who has driven you CRAZY. Not sexually, either. 

And it always ends with someone getting hurt, Emotionally or physically. 

If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably been there. And I sympathize with you pal, but come on, you got to get your head back in the game & just deal with it. 

So now, I asked four of my friends of how they dealt with THE breakup. And guess what helped them out?



Okay so, this particular bestfriend, she’s like the third person in the relationship.

She proof reads the texts you send to your ex, probably also chats with him from your phone when you’re not feeling like it, and is definitely going to be your baby’s fairy godmother. And the ex should not mess with this bestfriend, cause when time comes, she might even cut you. 

And thats why, BROS BEFORE HOES, because, your bestfriend would be holding your hair while you puke all the alcohol you consumed in frustration of the breakup. 

Its a universal law. Hoes before bros.

Or was it..??


So have you ever wondered, what you would do without this guy you think you’re in love with, and would do anything for?

Think again, boo.

Was he breastfeeding you? If not, hes not that big of a deal.

Cause when you’ll be miserable & sad & probably high on java chip cookies & hot fudge, your mom would sit down beside you & help you figure your shit out.


Everyone has their own way of dealing with breakups, and while girls prefer netflixing & chilling with their ice cream tub, boys go a bit extreme.

They trade ice cream tubs for hot girls, and ‘THE NOTEBOOK’ for ‘MARVEL’

But thats okay. You gotta do what you gotta do. 

And you gotta do whosoever you gotta do😏😏  


Accept it, we all have that one friend who’s legit given up on love after the bad breakup. They’re like the nemo, which does not want to be found. 

And its okay, if you’re one of these people, cause honestly, I’m this person too. This person is the deal. This person has it all figured out, and will probably grow up to be the next big thing.


It always turns out to be fine, trust me on this, because no breakup should be bad enough for you to lose yourself while dealing with it. 

No guy/girl in this world is worth it. Do not let any human being be the key to your happiness. FIND SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO & NOT SOMEONE? 

You’re not the gentle breeze that flows by, you’re not the peaceful sunshine, neither are you the slight drizzle. You’re a thunderstorm, a hurricane of thoughts, and if you’d touch anyones heart, they’re going to remember you forever, because for you they were just a wandering mind looking for love, and you gave them love, made them feel good about the skin they wear, and then you just disappeared, because that’s what you do, right? Escape into the own perplexed world of yours because if you’d try to make anyone understand how you feel, you’d run short of words. You’re a beautiful chaos, but you know how to fix yourself. Around one am in the night, you’d meet your darkest fears, everything’s that been wrong in your life will haunt you for a while, but it’ll be okay, you need to break before you shine, you’re just another beautiful combination of a confused mind and a determined soul. You are me, and thousands of others, and you are alive and breathing. ~ i love you all. 

Good morning xoxo